Trailer Hitch & Lighting

Need a trailer hitch & lighting plug installed? Is yours not working correctly? Is your hitch too high or too low? We can fix that!

Jupiter Hitch & Trailer can install, update or repair your trailer hitch & Lightingtrailer hitch so you get safe and efficient service. From installing goosnecks to altering your trailers hitch, we can fix problems with trailer tongue-height issues. Tongue weight too high? We can move your trailers axle to solve the problem. Your trailers automatic breaking system malfunctioning? We can trouble-shoot and fix the problem to keep you safe.

Need a new power plug or do your trailer lights keep going out? We can re-wire your system so it works every time. And if your trailer lights are broken or missing, we can install a system and mountings to give your trailer lights maximum visibility and lifespan. From hitch to wheels and everything in-between – we have you covered.

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